Nickelby At Darnum
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Nickelby Alpacas commenced in August 2004 with the purchase of our first 3 animals. This was a very exciting time since I had been involved in farming all my life with the family farm and the breed Charolais.

Alpacas were certainly different from beef cattle and much easier to handle.

I soon was heading off to sales and auctions and it wasn't soon after that I purchased my first coloured alpaca, a lovely mid brown girl.

Unfortunately we had a few hiccups in the beginning with phantom pregnancies, ovarian cysts and just general problems getting the girls pregnant. The plus was I got to know my fellow breeders in the district well as they offered help and the vet certainly knew how to get to my place if there was ever an emergency!

Today after a number of births and a couple of other purchases, our small stud is now nearing 50 animals. We do matings in Spring and Autumn and so the following year there is always 4-9 babies running around the paddock.

It was decided early on that since I was a photographer and in the arts, all the babies on the farm should have a literary or theatrical name, hence we have had Heide, Fleur (from the Forthsyte Saga), Hamlet, Juliet, Bronte, Emma, Ana (her mum is Miam so a bit King and l so it is Miss Ana) and Bunty (had a tough birth so he was named Bunty after the tough kid in Seven Little Australians) just to name a few.  We are always welcoming suggestions for new names, so put your thinking caps on before you come to visit..

We offer ajistment as we have 67 beautiful acres that we would like to see full of alpacas so if you are interested in becoming involved in the industry then please have a chat, we can certainly assist. If you are looking to purchase alpacas then we can help or if you have alpacas that require shearing you can book them in to our shearing day. As we are in the heart of West Gippsland Gourmet Country tourism region then a visit to your alpaca can easily coincide with a trip to the award winning wineries and restaurants or maybe an overnight stay at one of our wonderful Bed & Breakfasts.